El Contador 22 Backdrop copy.png

After heavy losses in the past few years, Mexican Cartel Leaders led by El Contador are looking for revenge. Their Intel suggests a British mole was involved, his role was to gather intelligence and get it to the UK and US departments created to bring down the Cartel hierarchy.

Now Covid restrictions are being lifted throughout the world, Mexican Cartels are sending mercenaries to the UK. Their job, to employ the local criminal element to join them and cause chaos to UK Infrastructure.

Security Services current intel has pinpointed the  Insurgents training base on the South Coast. Intel also has revealed a number of  DEA agents inflitrated within the camp, their indentities unknown at this time.

The mission for now, is to recon the base and determine enemy strength and hardware.

DO NOT ENGAGE, further Intel to follow.


DEA Dress Code - DEA will be dressed Black, Tan or Cammo (including multicam and MTP)

Cartel Dress Code - Civillian, including Hawaiian Shirts, Jeans anything goes but strictly NO CAMO CLOTHING ( camo chest rigs and belts are permitted as long as they are subtle )

Lunch will be included in your fee which will not have to be pre-booked this year. 

Please message us separately if you require a vegatarian or special diet options.

There will be a special event patch as shown below which is also included in the event price.


El Contador 2022 - CARTEL.png

Cartel Patch

El Contador 2022 - DEA.png

DEA Patch

Full payment must be made at the time of booking.

Bookings can only be amended or deferred up to 6pm on the Friday prior to a Sunday event.

Please make sure you book for the correct date and make sure you retain your emailed receipt as proof of payment should there be any issues when signing in.


£40.00 entry.

£20.00 rental including ammo and rental mask.

Timings for the day:

Gates open: 08:00

Chrono opens: 08:15

Gates close: 09:10

Safety Brief: 09:20

Games commence: 10:00

Lunch: 12:30

Games commence: 13:15

Index: 16:30

Drinks and snacks as well as ammo and pyro will be available all day from reception.

Tea, coffee and bottle water is included in your entry fee and is available all day.

Prices for ammo and pyro are available on site and are subject to availability.