Christmas 2021 Ver2 Patch - Gold.png

Christmas Special Event

This year we are returning to our massively successful board game themed games.

Every scenario will be based on a popular family favourite with an airsoft twist.

When you book you will book onto either the red or green team.  When you arrive you will receive a patch with the colour team you have booked on with.  There is no way of purchasing the other patch.  The gold patches will be given away on the day as competition wins.

A hog roast is also included in the price.

A raffle, in game competitions and the renowned golden envelopes will make another return.

The year of free airsoft competition originally set up to be drawn last year will finally be take place at the event, all previous purchases are still valid and there are still tickets available.

Typically spaces go very quickly and numbers have been reduced to a total of 70 players to balance out game play with the more involved and unique games.

Tickets for this event will go on sale on Sunday 7th November at 20:00

Full payment must be made at the time of booking.