As a result of the global pandemic known as Covid-19 or 'The Corona Virus' we anticipate having to make changes to the way the site is organised and the events are ran. 


When we re-open the following changes will be implemented and reviewed regularly until we can return to a more relaxed way or play:


Cost per event will increase by £5.00 with no discounts available ( new prices below ).

All bookings will be paid for in full when booking to avoid the handling of cash.

All names must be entered onto the booking form when booking.

A copy of your booking receipt is required either physically or digitally when signing in.

All players covered on the booking receipt must sign in together.

Places can not be refunded or transfered once booked.

Evening games will not return immediately once we re-open.


On the day:

Player numbers will be reduced to 60 per event to provide more space during game play.

Staff numbers will be increased.

Card & Paypal payments will be available on site for drinks, snacks, pyro and ammo only.

There will be no burger van on site at lunch time, bottled water will still be free of charge.

Additional table space, surfaces and areas will be available to set up in the safe zone.


Game play:

Melee kills and melee weapons will not be permitted.

Minimum engagement distance will be increased to 3m.

All players will be required to wear gloves be it vinyl or airsoft related ( no supplied ).

Contact between players must be kept to a minimum at all times.

With time, some of these new measures may be relaxed, others may become permanent.

Please ensure you bring gloves and lunch with you and only attend if you have a confirmed place and a copy of your booking receipt with you for yourself or your group.

Your safety and enjoyment will always be our first priority.

Prices & Booking

Open days - £10.00 deposit + £20.00 on the day

Walk-ons without booking - NOT PERMITTED

Evening games - £10.00 deposit + £10.00 on the night

Walk-ons without booking - NOT PERMITTED

Gun Hire - £20.00 which includes a bottle of 0.2g BB's (3300 rounds)

Book in advance to guarantee an available weapon.

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