El Contador: Origins

Special Event


Two rivalling gangs, desperate for power and territory, battle over an abandoned military base ripe with high end labs and secret vaults.


Both poverty stricken villages neighbour the territory, having control of the base would lead to the inevitable demise of the other and bring eventual wealth to whoever is left standing.


Desperate for weaponry and supplies, both gangs cut a deal with a returning stranger to the city of Guadalajara. Stolen away as a young boy and thrown into a dark and violent underworld, he returns a man, some say a god.  Both feared and respected, he is only known as ‘El Contador’.

His reputation has caught the attention of the US government, deep undercover agents operate within both gangs reporting back any intel gathered but ‘El Contador has spies of his own. Even the corrupt local police are known to be on his payroll.


Who will gain control of the base and will we ever learn the true name of ‘El Contador’?

Event details:

2 teams will fight out over a series of scenarios written especially for this event. 

Games will vary and be story themed.  Each team will have a team leader who is to be considered to be a high value target at all times and must be protected.  


Undercover US task force agents have been placed within both teams and may become active at any point with the intent on sabotage or detaining the teams leaders.

The mysterious 'El Contador' is also rumoured to have loyal soldiers within each team as well as the local Federales in hand who patrol the base and surrounding areas.

!!! There is a specific dress code for the day !!!

If you do not arrive wearing the correct clothing on the day then you will not be able to play the event and no refunds will be offered.

As both teams will be playing as members of drug gangs, teams will be coloured red and known as 'Las Pintas Kings' and the green team will be 'El Verde Disciples'.  The colours have been chosen to represent components of the Mexican flag.

Your top must be coloured either red or green on the day dependant on your team which you can choose ( subject to availability ) when booking.  This can be in the form of a t-shirt or hoodie dependant on the weather and your preference.  Minimal vest / plate carriers can be worn over the top but your teams colour must remain prominent at all times.

For the first time ever, branded T-shirts in your teams colour with event and team graphics will be available to pre-order up to 2 weeks prior to the event in a large range of sizes. 

This will come in a package deal with a one of special event patch ( Shown above ), the patch will also be sold separately. 

You do not have to purchase the branded t-shirts but must attend in your gang colours. 

Trousers and footwear are all optional as long as they do not contain colours from the opposition team e.g. MTP is ok to wear for both teams but ranger green can not be worn if you are on the red team.


As always, players on the day will receive a velcro backed PVC team patch ( not available to purchase separately ), Your team's patches will be added to the site when the bookings go live.

  Lunch is also included which can be ordered when booking.

Las Pintas Kings

Red Team

El Verde Disciples

Green Team

There will be a raffle and other surprises on the day, more details will follow closer to the event.

Lunch options will be:

Sausage & Chips

Fishcake & Chips

Just Chips

A vast array of condiments will also be available.

Bottled water will remain free.

Sunday 23rd August 2020

Gates open at 08:00

Tickets: £40.00 per player

No discounts available for this event

If you have any questions relating specifically to this event, please use the link below, commonly asked questions will be added to the site and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible.


Please make your selection from the options below. 

If you are purchasing a t-shirt pack, please ensure you pick the same teams colour as the team you have chosen to book onto.

T-Shirt orders will close 31st July @ 22:00 to allow time to have them printed.

El contador patches are on limited sale, they will be available on the day of they have not all been pre-sold.


All concepts, images and design are property of Southcoast CQB and protected by intellectual & copyright law.

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