The winner of the season pass will receive 24 vouchers which can be used to book onto any open day events. 2 vouchers will be available for each month of the year and will have a unique code which can be used to book your events with the prize valued at £720.00.


A total of 100 spots are available with a maximum of 10 entries per person. 


Entries are available until 20:00 on 19th December.  Any remaining spots will be available on site at the christmas event with the winning number being selected using a random number generator at the end of the day.


Please ensure before purchasing any numbers that you are able to attend the site and are able to regualrly play.


Only the winner will be allowed to use the vouchers as they are non transferable. The booking must be made in the winners name and the winning player must arrive on the day to play and have available ID if required. The vouchers must be used in the correct month and can not be rolled over or used against any other services items or events. Any unused tickets at then end of each assigned month will be void and can no longer be used.


The season pass does not include rental packages and only covers entry for the open day event.  The voucher value will change to cover the full cost should the day entry price change.


You can use the vouchers to book special events but any value over the standard open day event vlaue must be paid by yourself at the time off booking.


Good luck.