Full Payment of £40.00 to be made when booking.


Day will include:


Unique games with a continuing storyline throughout.

PVC team patch ( Shown above )

Lunch with options of Sausage & chips, Fishcake & chips or just chips.


!!! There is a specific dress code for the day !!!

If you do not arrive wearing the correct clothing on the day then you will not be able to play the event and no refunds will be offered.

Las Pintas Kings are a notorious drug gang, proud of their history and power.  To show their devotion to their brotherhood they all wear RED tops. 

Your top must be coloured RED on the day ( not ranger green ). This can be in the form of a t-shirt or hoodie dependant on the weather and your preference.  Minimal vest / plate carriers can be worn over the top but your teams colour must remain prominent at all times.

For the first time ever, branded T-shirts in your teams colour with event and team graphics will be available to pre-order up to 2 weeks prior to the event in a large range of sizes. 

This will come in a package deal with a one of special event patch, the patch will also be sold separately. 

You do not have to purchase the branded t-shirts but must attend in your gang colours. 

Trousers and footwear are all optional as long as they do not contain colours from the opposition team e.g. MTP is ok to wear for both teams but ranger green can not be worn if you are on the red team.


There will be a raffle and other surprises on the day, more details will follow closer to the event.


Because of the anticipated demand of this event, once purchased, no refund can be offered.  We will however make every attempt to re-sell your place if for some reason you are no longer able to attend.


Only players with names assigned to their booking will be able to play on the day, please do not substitute players without informing us as we will have a waiting list in place and players already on the list will get preference over cancelled places.


Gate open at 08:00

Chrono opens at 08:15

Games start at 09:30

Las Pintas Kings: Red Team

Lunch Option

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