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In 2020 we released a competition with the intention of providing 1 player enough free games to play twice per month for an entire year with an estimated value of £740.00

We have relaxed and amended some of the rules to allow this competition to continue and provide the best value prize we can off.

The winner will still be presented with 24 vouchers but these can be used at any event in 2021 that runs including the Christmas event and any other special events we run. 

The voucher will cover any increase in price for these special events.

You can use up to 4 vouchers for any event allowing you to cover the entry cost of any teram mates; the only exception being special events where only 1 ticket can be used by the completion winner.  Vouchers can not be used to cover the cost of any other items including rental weapons.

Any bookings made with the vouchers can not be transferred in either name or date.

A total of 100 spots are available with a maximum of 10 entries per person. 

Entries are available until the evening before the postponed Christmas event which will run as early as we are able in 2021.  Any remaining spots will be available on site at the event with the winning number being selected using a random number generator at the end of the day.

To enter the competition, click on the icon below


Good luck.