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South Coast CQB is the most dynamic airsoft site in the South.

We listen carefully to our players to develop scenarios and the site as a whole based on feedback we receive.

We want to be different and be something built by the players who regularly attend, knowing they will return for the experience they helped build.

If you have played Airsoft in a woodland setting or have never played a simulated battle scenario and you are looking for something a little different then come down for a day to remember.


We have games to suit all styles of play and levels of experience. Most players bring their own weapons and kit but we can offer rentals when booked in advance. We will show you a great team sport, developing trust in an exciting, fast paced way.


Additional refreshments as well as smoke grenades, thunder-flashes and ammo are available throughout the day from our shop. 

Our Site has been used by the Royal Marines Small Arms Corps (1922–1959), South East District Small Arms Corps as a minor training facility in 1961 and a weekend training centre up to the mid-1970's for army cadets.

It was also transformed into a 1950's National Service camp for the 2002 ITV show 'Bad Lad's Army'. A reality TV show where young offenders were subjected to 1950 Military Enlistment Training as part of a rehabilitation programme.

Facilities at the camp included accommodation for soldiers, NCO's and officer's, a cook house for soldiers, indoor lecture room / cinema, Sgts mess & an officers mess.

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