Where is your Site ?

Our Site overlooks the The Solent and using the link to Google Maps can be found here

Our Address is Browndown Road, Gosport, Hants, PO13 9UG

What's your Site Age Limit?

Anyone can play providing that they are over the age of 14. Players between 14 and 18 must have a guardian playing on Site and have their consent form countersigned.

How much do your Events cost?

All events must now be paid in full when booking to avoid the handling of cash on site as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Price per Saturday or Sunday open day will be £30.00

Price per Thursday Evening Games is £20.00.  Booking is also required but events will be cancelled if less than 15 players have booked by 22:00 on the Wednesday evening prior to the event. 

Rentals packages are £20.00 each and include full face protection and 3000 x 0.2g BB's. Packages must be paid in full and in advance, additional rental weapons above bookings will be on a first come first served basis.

Special events are priced individually depending on the packages offered.

How can I book?

Bookings must be made using the booking system which once complete will email a receipt. All names must be added to the form when booking for any more than a single person.

The receipt must be available either digitally or printed when you sign in.


Its my first visit to your Site, can you explain your Site Rules?

Our full Site Rules can be found using the blue link below, please spend some time going over them before your visit, feel free to ask any questions.

Click here for our Site Rules


What time do the Games run?

The Site gates are open from 08:00 and will close at 09:20 after this time you will not allowed to gain entry to the Site. The safety brief will be at 09:30 and last around 20 minutes.

Games begin at approximately 10:00 and run until 15:30 for our Sunday open days.


For our evening games the gates open at 18:00 and games begin at approximately 19:15 and run until 22:15.


Do I have to come as part of a group?

You can come as part of a group or on your own, either way you’ll be made welcome and everything  will be explained to you.


How are the teams split?

Most games run with two teams, each being given objectives which they have to try and achieve.  Marshals are provided to maintain fairness and safety and sometimes marshals will join the playing teams to offer backup or for specific event scenarios.


If you come with friends we’ll do our best to get you all on the same team, don't worry about being separated. Most players are friendly and inclusive, so if you want to come alone or in a small group you can be sure to find plenty of people to join when you're assigned to a team.


Special Event days may be subject to special team requirements, as with all our Special Event rules if you sign up for such an event you'll be notified of any special rules well before the event.


What does 'Walk On' mean?

A 'Walk On' player is one who has not booked but has brought everything they need to play, as opposed to a 'Hire' player who'll need to rent the equipment from us and who has not paid a deposit.  


What do I get in the Hire package?

Our Hire package of £20.00 consists of an primary weapon, a face mask and 3300 x 0.2g BB’s.

Smoke grenades and Mk 5's are available for an additional fee (over 18's only). You'll be given instruction on how to safely use the weapons and all safety instructions will be fully explained.


Why do I need to fill out a consent form every time I visit?

This is for insurance purposes, our policy dictates the need to do this, however the membership scheme mean you will only have to fill out one consent form per year. You can download A membership form using the blue link below if you wish to fill it out prior to arrival, this will speed up your signing in process considerably.

Consent form


Is food available?

Currently, there is no facilities for lunch on site due to the Covid-19 safety revisions we have made.  Snacks and drinks will be available all day and bottled water is free.

Can I bring my own BB's?

If you're bringing your own equipment then yes, you can bring your own BB's. However, if you're renting equipment from us, then only BB's bought at our site can be used. This is due to quality assurance and compatibility.


Do you sell consumables at your Site?

We have an onsite shop selling a range of BB weights and pyro.  These can be pre-ordered when booking if required.

All ammo and supplies are subject to availability, deposits will not be refunded if when you arrive on the day and ammo is not available.


Players under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase or use pyrotechnic devices at our site


You may bring your own pyrotechnics to be used on-site however there are a few additional restrictions that must be met. They must be from approved manufacturers ( TLSFX / Enola Gaye and Cloud 9 Combat ) any pyro from other manufacturers should be shown to staff and a decision will be made on an individual basis. 

Any “bangs” such as thunderflashes, must be of MK5 or below. Anything louder than this is not allowed onsite.

Any smoke grenades must not be in RED, ORANGEPINK or  YELLOW due to our proximity to the coast.


What happens if my gun breaks?

Many players bring spare guns, and South Coast CQB has a number of rental weapons that can be hired or in some cases lent out if your weapon fails during play ( subject to availability ).

It's advised where possible you will have at least one spare weapon with you; even if this is only a pistol. 


What happens if it rains?

You'll get wet. Use common sense; bring a towel or change of clothes if you think you'll need it.


Can I take photos?

Off course you can. Please note though; South Coast CQB is not responsible for loss or damage to any equipment you choose to use. People taking photographs or just observing are required to wear a high visibility vests in additional to the ballistic rated glasses all players must wear when in the game zone. The number of individuals allowed in to the game zone will be at the discretion of the senior marshal.


Do you have Chrono limits on site?

Yes, all weapons brought to site need to pass our chronograph in the morning to be used onsite that day.  Please ensure you test all weapons at the beginning of the day.

Weapons are capped at the following limits (checked with 0.2g bb's):


AEG's, Shotguns & Pistols: 350 fps


Bolt-action sniper rifles: 500 fps

We no longer allow DMR rifles on site, sniper rifles must be single bolt-action weapons. Minimum engagement distances are set for sniper rifles at 25m.


We recommend when using a snipers rifle you carry a backup weapon for when players are inside the minimum engagement distance.

Can I bring my own gun?

Yes. You can bring your own guns to skirmish with however they must pass our chronograph on that particular day in order to be used.


Can I use a 'Two Tone' rifle or pistol?

We allow the use of “Two Tones” on Site.

What protection do I need?

At the bare minimum appropriate ballistic rated eye protection for over 18's and full face offering the same level of protection for under 18's.

Can I drink Alcohol on Site?

Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed on the site. Drugs and alcohol are also not permitted on site.

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