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Please familiarise yourself with the rules and procedures of our site prior to your visit.  

These should answer most if not any questions you have.

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If its your first visit to our Site, please have a good look at our Website, if you have any questions that aren't in our FAQs Section  then please get in touch via our contact page or Social Media 

Parking - we have plenty of parking on Site, its advisable to not arrive too early before 8am ( or 6pm Evening Games)  as the Site is on a main road 

Toilets - we have 2 portaloos on Site, they are not gendered, please use them responsibly.

On your arrival, you will be directed to one of the main rooms downstairs or smaller rooms upstairs, please pick up a waiver form on your way in, fill it in and hand it in at reception, where it will be checked and your name ticked off the list.

Please make sure you keep all your equipment together, neat and packed away. We accept no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged kit, equipment or personal belongings.

No smoking in the game zone or in the safe zone building, smoking is only allowed in the designated area to the side of the safe zone; this includes e-cigs and Vapes.

No magazines or dry firing is allowed in the safe zone, do not test any pieces of equipment or deploy any smokes or thunder-flashes. You will get only one warning and then if repeated, you will be banned for 6 months.


If you are injured at any point during the day then please make yourself known to a member of the marshal team. If necessary we will suspend the game to escort you back to the safe zone.

Games will be suspended by a series of short sharp whistle blasts and a call of “CEASE FIRE” if we need to deal with a more serious situation. Should this occur then make your weapon safe and place it on the ground or against a building and take 2 paces back from it until “GAME ON” is called again.


Generally aggressive behaviour or abusive language is not tolerated. We understand that Airsoft by its nature can cause heightened emotions however as we allow younger players on our site such behaviour is not deemed acceptable. Players causing disruption to our games or during briefings will be made to return to the safe zone until we deem they are sufficiently calm to return to play.

Verbal abuse, threats of violence or assault will result in the player(s) being told to leave the site. Players should be aware that if the matter is deemed to be serious after investigation , the team reserve the right to ban players from the site for a period of time that reflects upon the severity of the situation. 


If you have any issues with anything throughout the day please bring it to our attention immediately. We want everyone to have fun and the best time possible but we can't resolve issues after the event so please come and speak to us so we can fix it rather than us reading about it on social media.


Airsoft is a game of honour, any players found to be deliberately not taking their hits will be warned, a second infringement will result in them being asked to leave.

A direct hit by a BB anywhere on your person or kit is a kill, this includes and weapons you are carrying, using or are holstered.  The only exception is a prop or items specific to that game, this should be verbally announced so that the attacking players knows that they have hit you and there is a reason you have not raised your hand, this should be called as "Weapon hit".

Ricochets do not count but remember if in doubt... respawn.

We may on occasion switch players to maintain a balance between teams, as unbalanced teams doesn't make for a good day.

We normally ask for volunteers, but regular players to the Site may be asked to help out.

There is to be no direct cheat calling between players, if you have an issue with a players conduct tell a marshal and provide a retailed description of the player in question, where they were, and what they were doing. Try to identify something unique about the player in question as "He was wearing camo and had a black gun" will not help us pick him out of a group of 80 players.


Excessive hits applied to a player either before or after he has raised his hand or has clearly been hit will not be tolerated.


Dead men do not talk. If you are shot keep quiet, giving away other players positions via voice or radio is cheating and not in the spirit of the sport.

Dead players are not shields and should not be used as such, players persistently ignoring this will be sent to the Safe Zone. The same rules apply to marshals being used to obstruct lines of fire.


 We do not operate a colour challenge rule on site, however if you wish to answer a colour challenge you must reply honestly. Lying about what team colour you are is cheating and will be treated as such.


We do allow the use of rubber knives / axes / rubber chickens etc. on the condition they are capable of bending  90 degrees. A melee kill is light contact with any part of the opponents body with the words "Melee kill", the same can be achieved with appropriate contact with a hand.


There is no need to be carrying sharp items such as genuine knives / bolt cutters / axes etc. in the game zone. All such items must remain in the Safe Zone or preferably left at home.

Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed on the site. Drugs and alcohol are also not permitted on site.

No fire must be directed towards out of game areas any person caught trying to shoot at other activities or the public will be regarded as an unsafe player and removed from the site

Although there should be no general public near the game zone at any time, if you do happen to see a person of the general public. Stop firing and shout ceasefire. This shout should be continued by everyone until a marshal has sorted out the problem

We can only run the site efficiently and safely with the full co-operation of all our players.

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All your weapons that you intend to use must be chronographed before use, it does not matter if you have attended previous events or had it chronographed at another site, it must be checked on the day by our Staff.

Weapons which fail our test may not be used on site until sufficient alterations are made to bring it under or site fps limits.

Weapons are capped at the following ( checked with 0.2g BB's ):


AEGs/Shotguns/Pistols/LMGs/GBBRs etc

350 fps

No minimum engagement although if close enough, a melee kill is preferred.

Sniper Rifles

500 fps 

25 metre minimum engagement.

DMRs are currently not allowed 

BB's over .4g are not permitted

Any weapon checked on the day that exceeds 350 FPS and is not a bolt action rifle will not allowed to be used.  Please ensure that your weapons meet the sites safety criteria before attending.  We can not guarantee that rentals packages will be available as a substitute.

All weapons using a CO2 bulb will need to have a new bulb fitted at the chrono point in front of a staff member to ensure FPS does not increase if a new bulb is later fitted during the day.


For sniper rifles you will be required to carry a backup weapon / side arm for when players are inside the minimum engagement distance.

HPA Systems are permitted on site provided they chronograph within our limits and have an acceptable method for locking the regulator so it cannot be adjusted during play.

All games are single shot unless instructed otherwise, as such if your equipment is incapable of single shot you cannot use it for that game.

BFG's and similar explosive vessels can be collected and reloaded whilst alive or between games.  Unless the grenade is within 2m of you or on the outskirts of the site and on your route back to your respawn, it must be left.  This is to avoid dead players walking into areas of engagement to collect equipment and obstructing game play.

Only Pyrotechnics from recognised manufacturers, such as TLSFX and Enola Gaye, are to be used.

There are to be no home made pyrotechnics or improvised devices brought on to site. 

There is to be no
ORANGE, RED, YELLOW or PINK smoke to be used on site. This limitation is to prevent accidental deployment from the local coast guard station as our site is only 20m from the sea edge.


Grenades have a 5 metre unobstructed kill radius. If you can get yourself behind hard cover sufficient to cover your entire person, such as a wall, then you are safe. Other players do not count as hard cover. You can not throw yourself onto a grenade to 'take one for the team'.

All BFGs are to be thrown underarm only and you must be able to see where it will land at the point of throwing/posting it. BFGs and other pyrotechnic must be thrown on the same level only and may be posted through windows and doors. Cardboard Mk5 thunder-flashes can be thrown over arm and can bedeployed up or down stairwells and from an upstairs window out or from ground level into an upstairs window.

There is to be no smoke grenades (including TFX Thermosmokes) used in buildings as it makes it impossible to marshal. If it happens we will stop the game until it clears and the player concerned will be asked to leave

All Pyrotechnics to be nothing louder than Mk5 / 9mm/ 209 primer 
BFGs can use shotgun primers or 9mm blanks. 

12 Gauge and Mag Flash BFGs must be used outside only, this means if you are within a building you cannot drop it outside a door or window. You cannot throw one of these BFGs into buildings if you are outside. You must also see where it lands, no blind throws or around corners.


Remotely detonated pyrotechnic and similar devices are approved on an individual basis but can only be set off if the operator has clear line of site to the device and are restricted to Mk3 charges only.

We do not allow the use of Lasers of any kind or Strobe Torches on Site.

Players with these items will be asked to turn them off or remove them from their equipment.

Eye protection must be worn at all times inside the game zone and must not be removed under any circumstances. If you are seen by a marshal to remove your eye-wear in the game zone at any stage during the day you will be asked to leave the site, your safety is our number one priority.

We recommend the use of long sleeve tops, full length trousers and full face protection, however it is your choice to not wear such items.

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Entry and Exit to The Game one way only, you will be instructed by marshals

Eye protection must be worn at all times and be put on as your leave the safe zone.

Any players found removing their eye wear will be asked to leave the site immediately.


Weapons must only be loaded in the game zone. When entering the safe zone, please remove all magazines and clear your weapon, this includes pistols and secondary / support weapons. 

Any M203 moscarts must be safely stored in pouches pointing down and not left in the launcher.


The perimeter of the Game Zone is indicated by a black netted fence, do not attempt to go beyond, fire into or over the fences. They are there for your safety as well as passing public.

Any door or window that is closed is closed for a reason, do not attempt to open any closed doors or windows, additionally do not close any open doors or windows. Players are not permitted to move furniture or fixtures to create barricades or obstructions. pallets stacked up under open windows as there as an aid to climbing into or out of the window and must also not be moved.


There is to be no blind firing. You must be able to clearly see your target along the line of your weapon when firing.

You are only permitted to fire through an opening smaller than a piece of A4 paper if the barrel of your weapon does not extend through the opening.


When you are returning to your respawn point, please hold your hand high so players can see you are out of play, call out “dead man walking” whenever crossing areas of engagement to avoid being shot accidentally.


Each scenario will be briefed before it begins, where possible this will be done in the game zone.  Any objectives and props will be shown and explained. You will have the opportunity to ask questions before the game begins.

Any person found to be deliberately damaging the site will be made to pay for the damage and escorted off site. This includes but is not limited to, deliberately damaging windows, shooting game props or forcing their way through closed doors.

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We are here to ensure the day runs smoothly, no one is hurt and you all play fair. This is a game of honour and it is down to all of you to take your hits and accept when you have been shot. A marshall's decision is final and we are not here to argue or debate the issue. Repeatedly arguing with staff will result in you being asked to leave.


Marshals operate a marshal law system where we may fire upon players to test their hit taking.

If a marshal has shot you and you take the hit we will put you back in play exactly where you were.

If you fail to take the hit you will be warned about your conduct, a repeat offence will result in you being asked to leave.


On occasion during games the marshals may decide to move you, or a group of players on.

This will be because your position is restricting the game play and slowing the scenario dramatically. Should this be the case you will receive a 15-20 second warning to vacate the area. Failure to do so will result in your deaths and you will be required to go back to respawn. 


If you have any issues with a players conduct, please  point them out to us immediately providing a description of what they look like, where they are and what they were doing. We cannot do anything about it if you inform us after the game or at the end of the day.  We will observe any suspect players and make a decision if we feel they are playing unfairly.


Most importantly… we are not moving targets, Marshals are here to help and not to be shot at. 

We will call out if we are passing through areas of engagement and may ask you to hold your fire so we can pass safely. 

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