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Jack Turner 02
Jan 07, 2022
I have played at this site for many years now even more so in recent years and the site has in my opinion a unique layout that offers people a variety of playstyles that can change dynamics of the game very drastically. 1) A Multi stage game with different objectives would be a great addition to the sites new games to play with repercussions to not completing the tasks at hand this forces people into playing the game and helping with objectives and stops unnecessary control of areas that stops players enjoying the day the game. both teams would have the same objectives but at opposite ends of each other forcing Intense CQB firefights both teams will assign a flag carrier who will be escorted to a building chosen on the day however both teams will know where the enemy are taking there flags allowing people to set up around but not inside, after the flag is stuck in place a FOB is set up ready for the next stage a radio call comes into your team two men from each team are injured and need rescuing these are not real people but heavy weighted dolls with a high vis on there locations are told to both teams the first team to get both injured men back to their FOB wins the game. 2) two teams will start and their given locations on the day marked out as red and yellow however some will be marked with an additional colour these players will carry cards wrote out before the day if the card is acquired by the other team and brought back to there spawn and given to a ref what ever is on that card will be put on the team who acquired it almost like monopoly's take a chance but with guns, however not every card is good some can actually hinder the team for example your only allowed to respawn in 4s that kinda thing both teams are given one pass on a card if they do not wish to take one punishment however it must be used wisely otherwise they might get stuck with something worse the game will in the end count who got the most kills determining the winner. 3) my final game idea involves kill house and nursery objects at random will be chosen and placed into both buildings under these items will be a number this will be the points they are worth to the team once back to there spawn the players wont be able to look until its back safe objects will not be numbered based on size but at random meaning a small tennis ball could be 10 and a gas canister is 2 in the building the furthest away from the team playing on the other side will be coloured marked items they can attempt to get at any time these will be worth big points these are however 2 man carry's if the item makes it out the door and they are shot they must drop it where they die after the time is ended scores will be added up. look forward to seeing others ideas and any comments questions etc.

Jack Turner 02

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